Ireland's Asher Baking Company Would Rather Face Legal Action than Make a Gay Rights Cake

Sometimes it's easy to see all the good news surrounding gay rights recently (like two days ago, when the Kansas gay marriage ban was ruled unconstitutional) and forget that the LGBT community still has a long way to go before we achieve actual equality. Just when you start feeling optimistic, however, there's always someone to come along and remind you that sometimes, people are kind of the worst. Today, that dubious honor goes to Ireland's Ashland Baking Company, which refused to make a cake celebrating gay rights. Congratulations, I guess?

The bakery received an order for a cake featuring Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street above the words, "Support Gay Marriage!" back in July of this year. However, according to Sky News, the company refused to make the order. Current general manager Daniel McArthur told the Belfast Telegraph that the company runs the business "according to Christian values and beliefs, according to what the Bible teaches." This includes things like being closed on Sundays and, apparently, being close-minded homophobes who refuse to support equality, because being able to theoretically marry my girlfriend would... well, I'm not sure how that would affect the company. Probably because it wouldn't.


After the bakery refused to make the cake, the customer contacted the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland. Soon after, McArthur received a letter indicating that he had breached anti-discrimination laws, and that he would face legal action if the bakery didn't offer compensation within a week. They're refusing to admit fault, however, believing that "it's what God would want [them] to do," and are preparing to face court rather than do anything that could be construed as supporting gay marriage.

By the way, the cake was for an anti-homophobia event, but the irony was probably lost on the bakery.


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