'Scandal' Superfans Will Want to Rewatch the Entire Series After Hearing This

Scandal superfans, listen up: I have a job for you. Whoever can find the episode that Kerry Washington is referring to in this quote will get my eternal admiration, respect, and possibly a cookie. In a new interview with People outside of the Accessories Council’s 20th anniversary ACE Awards earlier this week, Kerry Washington revealed that she accidentally wore her wedding ring during one episode of Scandal — and, since no one noticed it, the episode did in fact end up airing.

According to the interview, Washington — who is married to and shares a child with San Francisco 49er Nnamdi Asomugha — stated that she never takes off her wedding ring except to film, but she didn't notice it during one episode when she slipped into character as Olivia Pope. "Sometimes I don’t take it off! But only once," she revealed. When the reporter asked which episode, though, Washington was sadly less forthcoming: "I can’t tell you! If you’re a real fan, you might find it. Keep looking, keep looking!"

Seriously, who else wants to rewatch the entire series right now? Sure, there are about 53 episodes to sift through, but I have faith in you guys — finding easter eggs like this is literally what the Internet was made for! (Probably.)