Beyonce Wants Blue Ivy & Kelly Rowland's Son to Grow Up Together & So Do I

Beyoncé has a baby. Kelly Rowland just had her baby. They both, presumably, love babies. It just adds up that the two kids are going to be friends. On Thursday, Beyoncé posted a photo of her old Destiny's Child fellow member, lifelong friend, and basically sister, Kelly Rowland, to her Instagram, looking very, very pregnant and very beautiful, and captioned it just "G," and another photo of a TINY baby hand, possibly Titan's, with this tearjerking caption:

There's no better feeling than holding my beautiful nephew. I thank god for the honor of witnessing my sisters journey into motherhood. I've always dreamt of our little ones growing up together. I'm so thankful for our bond. Baby Ty, I love you so much. Congrats to my Spoons.

Pause for tears. Besides the fact that Bey and Rowland have maintained such closeness as both of them have grown throughout their careers, their bond and strength are a beautiful display of sisterhood. Plus, the idea of Blue Ivy playing big sister to another adorable Child of Destiny gives me nervio (when something's so cute YA CAN'T STAND IT). Obviously, Bey has already begun documenting the bond that will ensue between Blue Ivy and Titan, but what else will these more-powerful-than-you babies do together? Here's some clue's from Bey's 'Gram.

Beach Vacations

Obviously there will be vacations together and more adorable baby sun hats.

Flying High

Do you think Blue Ivy and Titan would board anything BUT a private plane? These two will sip apple juice from a champagne glass.

Shoe Shopping

Can you imagine the tiny fresh to death sneakers!!

Dressing to the Nines

Blue is already much better dressed than most women in their mid-20s. Can you imagine when she has little dude Titan to dress up/coordinate outfits with?

Getting Wild

Surely Titan will share Blue's love for all creatures big and small.

Putting Love Above Errythin'

Regardless of whatever fabulous toddler outings Beyoncé's Blue Ivy and Kelly's Titan have, one thing is for sure: these babies are gonna be loved and bonded for life, 'cause Bey's a great mama and I'm sure Kelly will be too. They are, after all, Destiny's Childs' children.

Images: Beyonce/Instagram (6)