'OUAT's Mysterious Helga Might Be Right in Town

by Rachel Paige

This season of Once Upon A Time is shaping up to have more twists than Disneyland's Matterhorn roller coaster. Some of these twists make sense, like how Robin's in love with Regina — still — which is why his true love's kiss won't wake up his frozen wife Marian. Some of them make a little bit of sense, like Snow and Charming sharing a heart. Others make no sense at all, like how the Snow Queen is Elsa and Anna's long lost aunt, and there's a mysterious second aunt somewhere out there too. Snow Queen — ahem, sorry, Ingrid — mentions her quickly. But, OUAT can't just put that kind of gun on the wall and not have it go off by the end of the season. This lost sister, Helga, is going to factor into the OUAT story some way or another. Could Helga already be in Storybrooke, leading to another big twist on the show?

Ingrid doesn't make any mention as to how/where/why she and Helga disappeared a long time ago in Arendelle — or at least that's her side of the story. She says that "some secrets are better left buried," which kinda carries the connotation that Helga is dead, no? But just like how everyone is related to everyone on OUAT, no one really stays dead forever on the show. We'll get an appearance from Helga one way or another.

And, that appearance will happen sooner than we realize. In September it was announced that Sally Pressman had joined the OUAT cast, and everyone was quick to assume that she was playing the long lost Frozen mother who died at sea. But, if you look very closely on the internet Pressman is credited with playing Helga for the episode "The Snow Queen."

The episode also lists that we'll get to see Aurora and Cinderella again, so maybe Helga, after being "banished" from Arendelle, makes her way to the Enchanted Forest. And you know where those folks living in the Enchanted Forest end up a lot? Storybrooke. Somehow Ingrid made it over to the real world, what's to say that Helga didn't too? Besides, there has been an ice cream parlor in Storybrooke this entire time, so what shop are they going to convince us has been there all along next?Maybe Helga is in charge of the Pinkberry in town.

It's also completely conceivable that Helga isn't in Storybrooke, but somewhere else in the country. Ingrid didn't run her foster home out of the town in Maine. Maybe when the two sisters disappeared they ended up in the real world, which is why they were never heard from again. They were in, like, Chicago.

Ingrid is mildly obsessed with the idea of family — so much so that she's willing to destroy Storbyrooke for it, basically — which leads me to believe that she was also wronged by her family at one point in time. Helga could have died, but Ingrid would be so bent on family revenge because of it. I think the two sisters came over together. Then everything went wrong. I doubt Helga's dead, in fact she'll probably factor into the rest of OUAT season 4.

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC