'The Vampire Diaries' Jo Explained Why She Can't Be Compelled & Made A Huge Change For Alaric

The mystery has been solved, Vampire Diaries fans. During last Thursday's episode, Alaric failed to compel Jo on The Vampire Diaries and it was, to say the least, an awkward situation. Which was only made more awkward by the fact that Jo was totally unfazed by her date turning out to be a vampire. I mean, ANY reaction would've been OK in this situation, right? Well, during Thursday night's "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get," Jo revealed that she's a witch to Elena and that's why Alaric wasn't able to compel her — no vervain necessary. And, apparently, Jo's a witch that knew about what happens to vampires within the border of Mystic Falls.

On Thursday night, Elena tried to hide out at the hospital to get away from Damon who's allegedly "stalking" her. (How much longer am I expected to tolerate Elena being the damn worst?) But, in her attempt to avoid the love of her life, Elena just ended up in an even more uncomfortable situation with Jo when she confronted her about a miraculously healed patient from the bonfire accident. Jo basically called out Elena for being a vampire and when Elena tried to fire back about why Alaric wasn't able to compel her, Jo revealed that she's a witch. And just like that, things at Whitmore College got a little bit more confusing.

So, how much does Jo know about everything that's gone on in Mystic Falls and at Whitmore since Season 5? At the very least, it seems like she's aware of the Traveler's spell and what happens to magic when it enters Mystic Falls' borders. On Thursday, after her big reveal, Jo managed to catch up with Alaric after his attempt at rescuing Damon and Enzo from Tripp. The rescue mission went terribly wrong, everyone ended up on the wrong side of the Mystic Falls border, and while Stefan rescued Damon and Enzo from dying, Jo got to Alaric first.

If TVD hadn't revealed that Jo was a witch and that she knew that Alaric and Elena are vampires, I'd be able to chalk this up to an honest mistake. You know, the kind of mistake that a doctor who thought her very-human, potential boyfriend was dying and couldn't be moved. But Jo is a smart woman — she said so herself — so she definitely knows that vampires can heal (I mean, she saw Alaric heal after the bonfire accident) and the fact that Alaric wasn't healing was because something else was wrong.

If her conversation with Elena is any indication, Jo isn't too keen on vampires. And, being a witch and being a doctor came in really handy on Thursday night when she managed to keep Alaric alive long enough for his vampirism to get zapped out of him with the Traveler spell. Basically, Jo turned Alaric back into a human, thus eliminating any chance of Elena getting her memories back easily. And I'd be willing to bet that she did it on purpose.

Image: Bob Mahoney/The CW