'The Vampire Diaries' Delena Almost Got A Perfect Reunion In "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get," But What Will Happen Now?

I'm just going to start this off by saying: GOD DAMNIT, JULIE PLEC. I CAN'T HANDLE ANOTHER WEEK OF THIS. MY SOUL IS STARTING TO DISAPPEAR, PIECE BY PIECE. OK, now that that's off my chest — on Thursday night's new episode of The Vampire Diaries , "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get," Jeremy accused Damon of "stalking" Elena. And Elena did her best to ignore Damon because she decided not to get her memories back after she found out that he'd returned. What kind of evil person does that to someone who's the love of their life? APPARENTLY ELENA GILBERT DOES THAT. And it gets even worse, people, because Elena can't get her memories back on TVD anymore, so say goodbye to that romantic Delena reunion.

TVD's broken my heart before, but there was something about watching Damon begging Elena to talk to him that cut right through my heart and into the deepest part of my being. Even through all of that hurt, however, I was still capable of getting infuriated by Elena's stupidity — sure, she's happy, but it's a fake happiness. I don't think TVD has ever been more pathetic and weak than it's been with Elena's Season 6 storyline. But things almost got better for the Delena fans out there.

When Elena found out that Tripp had caught Damon and was driving him straight to a fiery death at the Mystic Falls border, she went to save him and told Caroline that, if Damon lived, she'd ask for her memories back. WE WERE ACTUALLY THAT CLOSE TO THE PERFECT DELENA REUNION WE'VE BEEN DREAMING OF. And then Jo turned Alaric into a human. Yes, you read that sentence correctly — the key to Elena getting her memories back, painlessly and easily, is gone. So, now what?

Way back when Elena first decided to get rid of her memories, I realized that Elena could get her memories back with the help of a witch — but it would hurt. Like, really hurt, which would honestly be fine, considering she deserves to feel as much pain as Damon is feeling right now. But, even though it'll suck for Elena, this is good news because all hope for the Delena reunion TVD fans need could still happen if Elena can get help from Liv, Luke, or Jo.

TVD might have lost its only Enhanced Original Vampire, but it's still got three witches. So we should probably get cracking on getting Elena's memories back ASAP.

Image: Bob Mahoney/The CW