I'd Pick Zombies Over Dawn Lerner Any Day

by Lindsey Kupfer

In case you missed last week's episode of The Walking Dead, we have now been introduced to the folks who have been holed up at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta where Beth has been since last season. These people are super weird and creepy, especially the ringleader of The Walking Dead hospital crew, Dawn Lerner. Dawn is definitely that girl in high school that wanted revenge on all the popular kids who were mean to her, and she is the spawn of Satan. The Atlanta police officer is basically The Governor Part 2 and I don’t think I am mentally prepared for another Walking Dead psychopath.

So what exactly is going on at Grace Memorial Hospital? Well there is a group of cops who go out and collect injured people, and then there's a doctor that will bring them back to good health. Once a person is healthy, they then "owe" the group and have to work off their debt like a slave. Technically after the debt is paid off you are free to leave, but I feel like that's a common lie in TWD. No one has ever been allowed to walk free at any "sanction"-type place. I am patiently waiting for the day that someone takes Dawn out. Personally I think Beth should do the honors.

Here's my evidence that Dawn is a straight up monster.

Her rape excuse

"The wards keep my officers happy — the happier my officers are, the harder they work to keep us going," Dawn said last episode. Listen lady, you only feel this way because you’re not the one getting raped and, also, you’re a terrible person. I don’t care if there are only two people left on earth. If a girl doesn't want to have sex, then it’s not happening. At least Gorman is dead already. That guy may have been worse than Dawn. I’ll never look at lollipops the same way ever again.

That face

Sorry, but her resting bitch face is enough for me to believe that she’s the worst. I bet her and The Governor would have made a pretty sweet power couple though. Plus, no one with the name Dawn has ever been a helpful human being.

Abuse of power

First of all, who even put this jerk in charge? There is no one there worthy of leadership status besides Rick Grimes, but this woman is pretty much telling people that if they eat then they will have to stay and work off debts. Go home Dawn, you’re drunk…

That "you owe me mentality"

She tells Beth at the beginning of the episode, “If we hadn’t saved you, you’d be one of them right now. So, you owe us.” OK, great mentality there, Dawn. I understand that you’re in a zombie apocalypse and helping random people seems pointless considering you have limited resources, but forcing people into work for you because they owe you for your kindness seriously qualifies as evil. Beth doesn’t owe you anything, Dawn. You probably beat her yourself before you trapped her in the hospital.

She uses up resources

So, I don't know what the deal is with them changing clothes anytime they get blood stains on them, but don’t preach about valuable resources when you’re running washers and dryers around the clock. I’d like to see that energy bill. Just another reason Dawn sucks: she forces people to do laundry. Ain’t nobody got time for chores in the zombie apocalypse.

Dawn is annoyingly violent

Poor, sweet Carol. You know something terrible has happened if Carol is in danger. I refuse to believe that Carol went down without a fight and I bet Dawn is behind the whole thing. You want to know how I know? She is pure evil, like I said, and I’m always right.

Images: Gene Page/AMC (2); Thewalkinggifs/Tumblr (3); brockurealities/Tumblr; WhenyoublogTheGameofThrones/Tumblr