The Snow Queen's Mirror Is Pure Evil On 'OUAT'

by Christine DiStasio

No, you absolutely should NOT go to the Snow Queen's house to get ready for your night out — even if she promises to let you wear one of her super sexy gowns. Last Sunday's episode of Once Upon a Time , "The Snow Queen," revealed Ingrid's plan for Storybrooke, Emma, and Elsa, and it's really not going to be pretty. (Yes, Ingrid is her name now — her real name.) During the episode, Belle revealed how she knew Frozen's Anna and went to confront Ingrid in her icy lair, only to be met by her magic mirror. To be more specific, her evil magic mirror that turned Belle against herself and her husband Rumplestiltskin by poisoning her mind. So, what does The Snow Queen's mirror do and how will she use it to destroy Storybrooke?

On Sunday night, Ingrid's magic mirror called to Belle in Anna's voice to get her to lift the veil covering it and look into the mirror. And she was, naturally, met by her reflection — sort of. Belle was met by a reflection of herself that wasn't really her. Mirror-Belle was evil and she started spitting things out at Belle that made her doubt herself, her marriage to Rumplestiltskin, and eventually drove her to attack Rumple. Basically, this mirror is not to be messed with or underestimated, because it's going to screw with your mind and convince you to kill the person you love.

But, while we saw how the mirror worked on Belle, how does it figure into the Snow Queen's grand scheme to get her new, loving family together? Is she going to lure each member of Storybrooke into her ice cave and have them look at the mirror individually? That would take an exceptional degree of planning and an incredibly long time to execute — mostly become someone would obviously get suspicious and try to stop Storybrooke's residents from going out there. How could this possibly work? Let's break it down.

The Plan

Sunday night's episode revealed a few huge things about the Snow Queen — first, that not only was she a sister to the Queen of Arendelle, but she had another sister named Helga who is possibly dead now. Why is that relevant? Because Ingrid intends to replace her two sisters with Emma and Elsa, since they're both blonde and they both have powers. No, I'm not making this up. And she intends to use her mirror to turn all of the Storybrooke citizens against one another until they kill each other off so that she, Emma, and Elsa can live together, alone and away from the world that judged her.

How This Will Probably Go Down

Like I said earlier, it'd take a damn long time to lure each Storybrooke resident into her ice cave and trick them into looking into her magic mirror. So, like the Wicked Witch in Season 3 and Regina way back when, Ingrid will likely cast a second spell on her mirror to allow its curse to spread over the town. Or she'll use her mirror to curse all of the mirrors in town so that she can hit everyone at the same time.

Either way, this is going to be another widespread, perhaps colorful-smoke-filled problem (I'm anticipating that the smoke will be blue this time). And that'll be the end of Storybrooke. Unless, of course, Emma and Elsa can put a stop to this nonsense before it gets out of hand.

Images: Jack Rowand/ABC; lunalovelight, xowkyz/Tumblr