'My Five Wives' Robyn Isn't an Author Yet

by Nicole Pomarico

Things are going pretty well for the Williams family from My Five Wives. In fact, they're improving so much that in last week's episode, we found out that Brady's construction company has won a job so big, none of his wives need to work unless they want to for the time being. They all seemed pretty on board with it, especially since it means they get to hang out with their kids more. That doesn't mean they're giving up their hobbies, though. On Sunday night, we get to see Brady's second wife, Robyn, writing and illustrating a children's book.

The bad news? That's literally all we know about it, and even the most thorough of Google searches brings up exactly zero results about her book. As far as I can tell, the book has yet to be published, so it's definitely not available in stores. That's not too surprising, though — the episodes we're watching now were filmed less than a year ago, and major projects like writing books (and then finding a publisher, and then the million steps in actually publishing said book) take time.

But maybe I shouldn't be as surprised as I am. According to TLC, Robyn's known as "the creative wife," although normally she sticks to painting, taking art classes, and making DIY stuff for her family... which means she's probably all over Pinterest. Take it from one writer to another, Robyn: Pinterest is actually your worst enemy anytime you're trying to get work done.

Besides, TLC's families have a habit of turning into authors — although their books aren't usually works of fiction. The Duggars from 19 Kids and Counting have sent many books about their lifestyle with 19 kids into the world, including Growing Up Duggar, a book co-written by their oldest daughters, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Jana. And if you're super interested in the world of polygamy, the Browns from Sister Wives have also shared their experiences in the form of a book. In Becoming Sister Wives, Kody Brown and his wives take turns narrating chapters, explaining how their family came to be and elaborating on some of the questions they've received from viewers.

Maybe Sunday night's episode will give us more info about Robyn's latest endeavor. It'd be awesome if she wrote a book that children in polygamist families could relate to. It may be a relatively small part of the population, but all kids deserve role models with similar experiences to their own.

Image: TLC