This Short Video Awesomely Explores The Lies All Couples Tell Each Other – VIDEO

When I saw the headline "Lies All Couples Tell Each Other", I braced myself for a trite assortment of "No, that doesn't make you look fat," and "Sure, I'd love to take out the trash" sort of baloney that is true and only "funny" because of its universality. That was true for the first few jokes – and then things got weird. Delightfully, delightfully, weird. I guess I should've paid a little more attention to which website I had ended up on, since that would've given me a big clue that I wasn't in for exactly what the title implied. I don't want to be too spoilery, but suffice to say a man discusses giving birth every day to a loud horse. No, I won't contextualize that for you because that would be doing all parties involved a vast disservice.

I will admit to getting sucked into a black hole of internet video-watching from time to time. By "time to time", I assumed you understand that I mean "every single day that I am on the internet, so every single day." That said, while I do have my moments of being all, "LOL, those ARE 18 things I've seen teens do at the mall!", I am very seldom TRULY ever amused by what I watch. I'm not bored, but it's the equivalent of watching re-runs of How I Met Your Mother: They are fine, but I'm not exactly busting a gut alone in my apartment at the antics of that lovable ol' Ted, ya know? But this video totally got me and got me good.

Image: Getty Images