Sleeping Puppy Refuses To Be Woken Up, Is Basically Living His Best Life – VIDEO

Nobody is more grateful that it's Friday than this puppy who refuses to wake up. Honestly, his determination is downright admirable. Even at my most delirious and/or hungover, I have eventually been summoned out of my bed either by an alarm clock or a fellow human. But Leo here is not having any of that. I'm pretty sure a marching band wouldn't have done anything to rouse Leo, whose resolve to stay asleep is so steady that I am considering switching myself over to his brand of dog food just to see if it'll do the same trick for me. Don't judge my journey.

Anyone who has ever existed on this planet can relate to the constant struggle of waking up in the morning, which is why I elect Leo the puppy to become the new mascot for sleeping in. He will grow from Leo the Pup into Leo the Dog and appear on talk shows to advocate on our behalves, all while very impressively managing to stay asleep the entire time. When people ask for tokens of his profound wisdom he will snore into their faces, and the world will finally come to an understanding and change the modern work day to 11AM to 5PM. Or noon to 5. Or optional work-from-bed at all times.

In any case, if you ever prided yourself on being someone impossible to wake up on the weekends, you might want to take a few pointers from the master of sleeping in himself:

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Image: Fotolia