The Body Shop Is Making Holiday Wishes Come True

by Jamie Cuccinelli

There's no time of year in existence that smells better than the holidays and I'm willing to festively fight anyone who disagrees. I'm not just talking about the scent of gingerbread wafting from your mom's kitchen when you come home to visit. Or about the scent of pine needles that always seems to hang in the frosty air. Or even about that sticky, sweet-smelling steam of your Starbucks peppermint latte (I'm pretty basic, ok?). I'm talking about The Body Shop's holiday collection, and all of the other stores that smell like something out of my sugarplum fairy dreams — dreams full of holiday-scented gift sets that'll make all of my festive beauty wishes come true!

Sounds superficial, I know, but don't get me wrong — doing some good is what this time of year is really about, but why can't I do some good with some freshly manicured nails? That's where The Body Shop comes in. No store smells prettier than The Body Shop during Christmas, with their oh-so-indulgent gifts that'll have all your friends jingling with joy. But what's even more merry is that this holiday season, the company has teamed up with War Child, a global charity that sends a child to class for every holiday gift set you buy! Suddenly their luxurious lotions feel even better.

With 110 holiday offerings to choose from, finding the perfect sweet-scented gift for everyone on your list is a little daunting. So check out a few of my absolute favorite holiday gifts from The Body Shop below for some gift-giving inspiration...

1. The Best of The Body Shop Advent Calendar

For a gift that keeps on giving all December long, this beauty-packed box ($50) holds a best-selling surprise behind everyone of its cute, little doors. This advent calendar kicks my preschool-made one's butt...

2. The Joy-Bringing Music Box

A magical, melodious actual music box filled with yummy goodies like their Strawberry Festive Body Butter ($45).

3. Lip and Cheek Doll Stain

I know, I know, I'm such a sucker for cute packaging. But The Body Shop's best-selling lip and cheek stain ($9.60) in a new brand new rosy red shade, wrapped up in this little bottle is too adorable to resist!

4. A Glazed Apple Tin of Treasures

A silver apple-shaped tin ($20) filled to the brim with The Body Shop's new seasonal scent, Glazed Apple. Yum!

5. The Gliding Lotions Sleigh

This gift set ($15), full of fruity and festive lotions, will keep your skin silky smooth as you're dashing through the snow to all those holiday parties.

6. The Jolly Lippy Lolly

Perfect for those nights spent under the mistletoe, this giant lollipop ($20) of super moisturizing lip balms is as sweet as candy.

7. A Big Wish Box

For the ultimate in indulgent, personalized gifts, head over to The Body Shop and an associate will help you fill your very own Big Wish Box with tons the goodies of your choice. A very, merry Christmas, indeed.

Images: Courtesy of The Body Shop