Tina Fey to Return to 'SNL'

This is way better than those rumors about Lindsay Lohan hosting the season opener of Saturday Night Live. According to USA Today, amazing human being Tina Fey is set to host SNL for its upcoming season premiere, when it airs on Sept. 28. This will be the fourth time she's hosted the series since she left in 2006 to work on the now dearly departed 30 Rock, and, hopefully, it means she'll be bringing some old friends back with her (*cough*Amy Poehler*cough*).

She will be joined by musical guest Arcade Fire, one of the only bands worthy of headlining a Tina Fey-hosted SNL episode. Can Tina Fey just host all of the things?

It's hard to follow that news up with anything else, because Tina Fey hosting SNL again is kind of just as good as it gets, but in the interest of informing here's the other bit of news: Twerking spokeswoman Miley Cyrus is set to host SNL during week two, and she will also be the musical guest.

Spoiler alert: She'll probably twerk. Or she'll perform alongside a twerking dwarf and proceed to spank her, like she just did during a performance on German television. Either/or. That episode will air on Oct. 5, and I know you were all just dying to mark your calendars.

Now — let's rewatch these clips of Tina Fey as Sarah Palin to get pumped up for this season premiere: