J.Lo's Outfit Isn't Sure What Season It Is

I think Jennifer Lopez might be a tad bit confused as to what season it is. J.Lo promoted her new book, True Love, Thursday night in New York City, and while her body was bangin' and her hair was sleek, her outfit was...slightly mix-matched.

Lopez stepped out for an interview wearing all white with a Zuhair Murad blouse and pants. Now, winter white is good. It's classic, it's on trend, but this is where things start to get bizarre. Her blouse was lace and low-cut with sheer sleeves, and she tucked it into a pair of high-waisted, gold-buttoned, sailor pants. Yeah, I said it. Sailor pants. So she basically looked like some kind of nautical snowflake. And the metallic gold clutch and gold-tipped heels didn't really help matters much.

On the bright side, she was also spotted with a gorgeous, ivory Michael Kors coat that helped detract from the outfit itself, so it wasn't all bad. And the lace work on the top is actually stunning, it's just those pants. Normally, the singer's style is always on point, so I'll forgive this one, but in the future, I think it's better we keep summer and winter as two separate seasons.

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Images: Getty Images (2); JohnJLover/Twitter