Looks Like Desiree Will Make a New Friend on 'AHS'

It's no secret that things aren't exactly going well for Desiree and Dell's marriage on American Horror Story: Freak Show . So much so that it's caused her to move out of their trailer, possibly for good, which means our favorite three-breasted woman is going to be looking for someone else to hang out with. But who? During a recent conference call with reporters, Angela Bassett divulged that Desiree and Emma Roberts' Maggie Esmerelda are going to be sharing some significant screen time together. “Last year most of my scenes were with Kathy and Jessica. This year it’s mostly Chiklis and now Emma Roberts," Bassett teases. "And Emma’s pretty crazy, especially last night. It was she and I until midnight outdoors in the cold and she was pretty funny."

This is pretty exciting, considering we've never seen these two characters interact before on either Coven or Freak Show. It'll be interesting to see how this dynamic plays itself out. So what could they possibly be in cahoots about? Well, it's still hard to say whether they'll be friend or foe. But given that Desiree is well on her way to leaving the sideshow business for good now that she knows she's not intersex, I can't imagine she's the next target on Stanley and Maggie's list.

Perhaps Maggie tries to persuade Desiree to take Jimmy with her if she's still planning on leaving in order to ensure his safety. Or maybe they're just gossiping about Jimmy's kissing technique. Either way, I'm fully onboard with this pairing.

But since Dell just recently broke all of Desiree's doctor's fingers (which, in my opinion, is just plain rude), it looks as though his wife will remain three-breasted for a little while longer at least. Luckily, however, Desiree's third breast is much less of an inconvenience for Bassett to wear now that it's made of lighter material, which surprisingly wasn't always the case.

“The initial appliance was extremely heavy. I think it was made of silicone, so it started out fine, but after about hour number 12 and on it became hot and heavy and I believe it started sagging." Thankfully, the AHS special effects team came up with a backup plan. “They reworked it and made it out of foam.”

However, that isn't the freakiest thing Bassett has had to come to terms with this season. Like many of us, the thing she's found to be most disturbing was poor Twisty the Clown's backstory.

“When he took that mask off and I saw where he’d put a gun in his mouth and shot half his face off, you know the way the little people treated him, spurred him on to do that. I didn’t like that," she says. "That sort of freaked me out. How people can treat one another. He was innocent in his mind. So taking advantage of that was a lot for me and made me very sad."

And while sadly Bassett has no further insight than any of us on how her characters from Coven and Freak Show could be connected to the other seasons, she did have one thought on the matter, “Sounds like a great college term paper to me.”

Well, you heard the woman. Someone get on this ASAP.

Images: Frank Ockenfels, Michele K. Short (2)/FX; titanlion/Tumblr