Buzzfeed's Video "Drinking In Your 20s Vs. Drinking In Your 30s" Is a Hilarious Side-By-Side Comparison

Bars are a staple of any weekend, but the way we all go out to party changes a lot over the course of our lives. And as is clear in Buzzfeed's "Drinking in Your 30s Vs. Drinking In Your 20s" video, as we get older going out means something very different. Sorry, fellow young people, but we all grow up eventually.

I have to say, even though pre-gaming doesn't look like nearly as much fun when it involves giving the baby-sitter instructions instead of, you know, pre-gaming, overall drinking in your 30s looks like way more fun. But then again, I'm usually that girl going home early anyway.

But seriously, who isn't looking forward to the day when we actually have enough money to pay for all our booze? Drinking the cheap stuff is getting old.

Of course, the trade off seems to be that flirting gets a lot more boring, too.

So whether you're in your twenties or your thirties, whether your weekends consist of going out or of making cocktails at home, and no matter where you stand on the issue of Fireball Whiskey, everyone can appreciate this side-by-side comparison.

Drink on, party people, drink on.

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