This 'Euro' Is Already Hustling in Hollywood

In Bravo's newest reality series Euros of Hollywood, a group of famous European stars come to Los Angeles looking for fame and fortune in the United States any way they can. It can be tough to break through and become beloved to an American audience, but it can be done — just ask Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, and Ricky Martin. They went from global sensations to superstars once they gained fame in the U.S. Euros of Hollywood , which airs Monday nights, features German DJ and entrepreneur Sascha Gerecht, who is hoping for similar success by making a name for himself in North America.

Money and being a household name aren't the only motivators for the man known as "The German Tank" (due to "his intense personality and imposing stature," according to Bravo's website). Gerecht came to America to make it big in order to provide a better life for his family, who are back in their native Germany, and ultimately bring them to the U.S. His wife and two kids are very much on his mind throughout the series and they try to keep in touch as often as possible via video chatting. However, the massive time difference, plus all of the endeavors that Gerecht is juggling in LA, must make it difficult.

Here are the three ways Gerecht could ultimately break through in the states.

DJing and Night Clubs

Rachel Murray/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Gerecht first made a name for himself in German nightclubs 15 years ago. Since then, he spun his way to the top in the southern part of his native land. He owns and operates night clubs such as N-Pir and P Club. Could he expand his nightlife reach to Los Angeles and the rest of the United States? Only time will tell. At the moment, he's starting slow by performing at a bunch of clubs throughout the city (see below).

Rockstars & Angels

The boutique store on the iconic Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood is one of Gerecht's main businesses in the U.S. The luxury brand sells some edgy and trendy designs, including their trademark zipper scarf. Many celebs have totally embraced this new brand — Cristiano Ronaldo, Ice-T, and Gerard Butler have been spotted shopping inside.

L.A. H3ro

Gerecht's electronic dance music project is signed internationally to Sony and released its first single, "Drinks Up," earlier this year. He also has plans to release a full album at some point as well. As L.A. H3ro, Gerecht has been spinning his beats in nightclubs all over Los Angeles, such as OHM Nightclub and The Colony.

Could superstardom be far behind for this enterprising German? We shall see.

Image: Getty Images