Will Alicia Divorce Peter to Be with Finn on ‘The Good Wife’? It Could Cost Her More Than She Bargained For

The sixth season of The Good Wife has been a brutal, morally gray ride into how our beloved Alicia Florrick is pushing the boundaries of her career by running for State's Attorney. But what is one aspect of this otherwise great season the writers have been ignoring? Alicia's love life. Yes, I miss Will as much as the next dame and a part of me hoped their relationship would be endgame too. But I don't want Alicia to be professionally successful and socially loveless. Since Will's abrupt death, the writers haven't seemed interested in answering the question of what Alicia wants romantically. There's definitely tension between her and the devastatingly handsome Finn Polmar, but it is kind of opaque as to whether they are teasing out a great friendship between the two or the kind of relationship that involves less clothing. The real question is, can Alicia even have a relationship with Finn when she's still married to Peter?

Yes, she was with Will when Alicia and Peter were separated, but still married. The problem now is that the stakes are much much higher. Alicia is on an even larger public stage because of her campaign and increasing profile as a badass lawyer. I won't lie. It was a pretty boss move for Alicia to end things with Peter while deciding to stay married because their image as a couple is mutually advantageous professionally and politically. However, the downside is that they have to keep up appearances — meaning that anything romantic must happen behind closed doors. That can put a strain on even the most passionate relationship and, as we saw with Will, that sort of dynamic can only last for so long.

In an interview with TVLine, showrunners Robert and Michelle King were asked if Finn was brought onto the show to fill the void left by Will and they answered,"Yes. We wanted an equivalent jolt [of male energy] once we knew Josh was leaving. So no matter what way Josh was leaving the show, we knew we needed to get more male energy." While Finn, with his earnest honesty and cool demeanor, is dramatically different from the complex, fiery Will, this reply from the Kings definitely gives fans the idea that Alicia and Finn will have something romantic in their future. But how is that relationship feasible?

A picture of Finn coming out of Alicia's apartment early in the morning was used against her earlier in the season. Even the rumor that she's sleeping with Finn is a threat. Alicia getting involved with Finn while publicly maintaining the appearance of a happy marriage with Peter can only work for so long. If the press or a rival finds out about Alicia's relationship with Finn and decides to use it against her, it will blow up in her face, sinking her career and what happiness she had in her personal life. And what if Finn grows unhappy with their relationship being kept in the dark and decides to end it? Or Peter tries to ruin it from the get go? No, the only way this will work at this point is if Alicia divorces Peter.

If there was one thing diehard fans were gunning for (besides Alicia and Will being endgame), it was finally see her divorce Peter. The person who would be hurt the most by a divorce is undoubtedly him. He could never have gotten into the good graces of voters without his image being polished by having a wife like Alicia by his side. The preview for Sunday's episode demonstrates the repercussions of staying married to him for political capital and hints at Alicia considering divorce, but getting a divorce now would be tricky. I think Alicia made a mistake by staying with him rather than completely ending their relationship.


The writers still haven't given us any answers to what Alicia wants personally. While I am happy the show has been so radical in its approach to womanhood and the matters of the heart versus career, I feel like Alicia deserves at least somewhat of a happy ending. Hasn't she been through enough to deserve it? While I have been previously said fans shouldn't ship Alicia with Finn until his character is given more depth, their dynamic is certainly refreshing. But no committed, longterm relationship can come from it until Alicia does what she has needed to do for years: divorce Peter. After all, doesn't Alicia deserve to be with a man she can take into the light?

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