Donald Trump's Son Eric Trump Got Married This Weekend in a Very Classy Ceremony

If you heard the sound of money flapping in the distance this Saturday, it's because a gathering of Trumps occurred. Eric Trump, son of Donald, made probably entirely out of gold bonds and faulty hair genes, married one Lara Yunaska in Palm Beach, Florida. It looked like pretty much what you'd expect a Trump wedding to look like, and maybe even a little bit classier than that.

According to People, Trump the younger wed Yunaska at Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea, the same site as his father's wedding to Melania Trump nine years ago. Yunaska and Trump are longtime partners who have been engaged since July 4, 2013. Their reception included a modest 450-deep guest list and took place at a Florida property owned by Papa Trump. The adorable 3-year-old daughter of the younger Trump's sister Ivanka served as flower girl and got to pose on a giant swan statue (photo below). I may be a biased party here, but I'm going to go ahead and declare that that was the best part of the wedding and perhaps of the entire weekend in general.

Yunaska is a producer of Inside Edition and Baby Trump works as the EVP of Development and Aquisitions of the Trump Organization, as was his destiny.

Here are some instas of the event, beginning with the most important: