Mama June's 'Dumb & Dumber To' Cameo Should Be Cut

Actor Jeff Daniels doesn't really care about this whole Here Comes Honey Boo Boo scandal. HuffPost Live asked him if Mama June's Dumb and Dumber To scene would be cut in the wake of her allegedly dating a convicted child molester. "I couldn't care less," the actor deadpanned. "I shoot the movie ... You give them the movie. It goes to the edit room, and you're done. I don't worry about it, other people are paid to worry about those things."

It's not unheard of for movies to get edited in post after news breaks. After the Aurora movie theater shooting, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone's movie Gangster Squad was pulled to change the ending. Originally it had featured a shootout in a theater which the producers thought would hit too close to home. And last month after 7th Heaven actor Stephen Collins admitted to molesting at least three girls, he was dropped from every upcoming project he had scheduled.

Considering that Mama June is associating with (if not dating) the man who molested her 8-year-old daughter a decade ago, it wouldn't be unheard of for her to be punished by having the film remove her scene. Her TLC show was canceled after all, and that was a much bigger deal than a brief cameo. According to Jeff Daniels, her scene was still in the movie when he saw the premiere, but I'm hopeful things will change. Daniels may not care, but I do. I don't think Mama June deserves any more recognition until this whole thing is sorted out. You can watch his response to the scene at 10:45.

I don't get why she's hanging out with the guy who hurt her daughter, and I don't understand why she's letting him be around her 9-year-old daughter now.

Add to that the fact that her now 20-year-old daughter Anna Cardwell feels betrayed and hurt by her mother's actions and I don't think Mama June should be getting any positive film or TV appearances right now.

I believe she hasn't learned her lesson because after the man molested her daughter she saw him when he got out of jail, and even after her show was cancelled due to her actions she kept on seeing him. She needs to understand the gravity of her role in this situation. She may not be a molester like Stephen Collins was, but she's enabling one and allowing him around her children — so she is part of the problem.

She doesn't deserve to have a cameo in a major movie right now, and maybe not ever again if she continues to endangering her children. Jeff Daniels may not care, but let's hope the film's editing team does.