A Bunch of Legends Are Headed to 'The Voice'

Cher! Cher in our TV screens! Telling the relative youth of the world how to be the best diva they can be, and presumably also giving us all reliable advice on how to best keep our wigs fresh, Cher has signed on to be an adviser on The Voice , alongside Ed Sheeran, Ryan Tedder, and Miguel.

But did we mention the Cher part?

This season of NBC's The Voice is touting the principle that they're gonna focus less on the judges and make it "all about the contestants." That's all noble and crap — giving aspiring singers their big break, making dreams come true, yada yada yada — but if that were true, then why did they cast attention-suck Cher? I remember nothing about Burlesque other than the fact that Cher seemed to completely not give a crap that her club was about to be shut down.

There will be other people there, too. Sheeran, aka Ronald Weasley With a Guitar, will be working with judge Christina Aguilera. He's a Grammy nominee and his last alum went double platinum, so he's a big deal, too.

Ryan Tedder founded OneRepublic and has produced for artists like Adele and Beyoncé, so he's also close to greatness —he'll be working with Adam Levine. Miguel-who'll be working with CeeLo Green was nominated for a Grammy for his single "Adorn," so that's neat, too. Oh, and Cher will be working with Blake Shelton.

What kind of wigs do you think she'll wear? Do you think she'll rock that newspaper one she wore in that "Woman's World" video?