Just A Dog Dressed As A Teddy Bear NBD

Attention: there is a dog dressed as a stuffed animal, and it is almost too much to bear. (See what I did there?) Munchkin the Imperial Shih Tzu, whose antics have been talked about on Facebook, the news, and basically every single existing Internet platform, has quickly become an online sensation, and it's pretty obvious why: it's a tiny dog dressed as a bear. I mean, come on Internet. Did you really think our hearts were so pliable? WELL THEY ARE I GUESS. In this video, you can watch her trotting about in a teddy bear costume, slyly tricking viewers into thinking she’s an ewok or tiny bear. Nope! Just an adorable tiny dog with super cute face, gotcha!) If you want more from Munchkin, you can just visit her YouTube page and watch her hanging out in a swing, or howling. Bless this little fluffy dog and her charismatic ways.

Although you can pretty easily make your own teddy bear costume for your dog (Cindy, Munchkin's owner kindly provided detailed instructions under the video's description on YouTube), I have a feeling I’ll be seeing Munchkin the Shih Tzu dog products at Target pretty soon with all of this hubbub, but I’m very okay with that.

Image: Munchkin the Shih Tazu/Facebook