This Is A Dog And A Baby In A Jumping Contest And All Is Right With The World - VIDEO

Somebody call Disney because I need a movie adaptation of the most adorable thing I have ever seen on the internet, stat. On second though, maybe not, because if I saw more than a minute of this baby and a dog having a jumping contest, my heart might actually explode right out of its chest cavity. Baby Ally is sitting there, flexing her little legs out on a baby jumper, so of course the family dog, Day, not to be outdone, joins in on the fun by jumping beside her. And I don't know if you've ever seen a giant dog leap like a gymnast before, but it is certainly something to behold.

Alas, 'tis the season to be celebrating adorable baby/dog friendships, as evidenced by the awesome compilation of babies, kids, and dogs who are more excited for Thanksgiving than you are. I know the internet has long debated who is cuter – puppies or babies – but it's videos and compilations like these that prove that both sides of the divide are equally correct. Not only that, but their powers of cuteness only multiply when they unite. These adorable teams will slowly come to realize the amount of control their powers of cuteness wield over us, and when that day comes, I'm assuming we will replace all government officials with dogs and babies. It would severely mess up the plot of Scandal, but I'm willing to take a few hits for a better tomorrow.

Sabrina Sauve, the woman who posted the video, claims that Day likes jumping over the shadows that Ally's bouncer makes, buuuuut I'm not trying to hear that. It's pretty clear that they were duking it out in a friendly competition of their own. So who do you think is the ultimate winner of the jumping showdown? It's up to you to decide:

Images: YouTube