Goat Says "What, What" And It's Endlessly Amusing (Should We Make Pet Goats A Thing?) —VIDEO

Just when you thought our goats making intense human noises obsession died down, here comes this goat out of nowhere and reminds us that goofy, noisy goats are here to stay. Which is totally fine by me, because I could watch goat videos all day long, forever and for always. Goat videos make life worth living, and if you don’t think that, then you’re a heartless monster. In this video, a goat owner has a pretty endearing conversation with his enthusiastic and talkative goat friend. Unlike many of the goats we’ve seen on the Internet, this particularly squeaky, social goat can’t stop saying, “What what!” What? Yes. He can’t stop, because he’s got a heart made of pure gold and attitude and we love him for it.

Oh, goats. How you guys endlessly entertain and amaze us. Whether you're yelling at us in creepily human-esque voices, or stealing our Doritos, you will forever be our online darlings. Besides his (or her) penchant for saying, “What what,” this goat is just super cute. I dare you to say you don’t want to play with those brown, floppy brown ears. I DARE YOU. Here is the goat video in all it's glory. WHUT WHUT:

Dusty Belew on YouTube

Image: Getty Images