Can Victoria Survive 'Revenge' Season 4 Now?

by Christine DiStasio

Oh, Victoria Grayson, did you really think you'd get away that easily? Victoria's having a heck of a season on Revenge so far. The Grayson matriarch has escaped from a mental institution, been kidnapped by her former lover, moved in with her former lover, paid-off a stripper, and pulled a gun on Emily. Victoria on Revenge Season 4 has gotten her hands dirtier than all of Revenge's earlier seasons combined, but on Sunday night, her hands got her into something else. During Revenge 's new episode, "Ambush," Victoria got electrocuted while trying to escape David and Emily's reunion and so things got even more complicated in the Hamptons.

I know I don't have to explain to you, my fellow Revenge fan, why Victoria was trying to run away — in the middle of a crazy storm — from David and Emily's sweet reunion. Victoria's been lying to David all of this time about Amanda being dead and Emily's identity and, even if David doesn't know it yet, Emily will surely fill him in on the details of what Victoria's been up to. Though, admittedly, I didn't expect Victoria to back down quite so easily from her manipulative hold on David Clarke — I guess that scar on Emily's wrist really sealed the deal for her.

But there may be hope for the Grayson matriarch just yet because, even though he was in the middle of seeing his daughter for the first time in forever, David Clarke ran to Victoria's aid after she was electrocuted. That's right — no questions asked about why she was trying to rush out of the house, in the dead of night, and in the midst of a huge storm, just genuine concern for her wellbeing. Obviously Emily was upset — she's not about to welcome Victoria as her stepmom. But I'm less concerned about how Emily feels and more concerned about Victoria's fate.

She took quite the jolt after she touched a car door handle on a vehicle that'd had contact with a live electrical wire. The shock threw Victoria through the air like she was a rag doll, it was actually kind of disturbing. I can't imagine that she'll come back right away or be completely herself when she does — that's a lot of trauma for one person to take. And now there's also the fact that, while David might still be on her side, now that he knows Emily's true identity, she could tell him about all of the terrible things Victoria's done and David will desert her.

I can't help but wonder, though, if Revenge was making a statement by injuring Victoria this way. I mean, IRL, that jolt would probably be deadly or close to it. If Victoria comes back from this, fully, it obviously means that she'll be around for awhile longer. But, if she's weakened or (dare I say it) doesn't come back at all, I'm not sure if it'd be a satisfying end for Revenge's second-most vengeful character. Victoria Grayson can't go out this way, after all of this time, right? I'd hope the answer to that question is a yes, but then again, look at what happened with David Clarke.

Image: Revenge/Facebook