World's Coolest Daughter Makes Insane Cake for Her Lumberjack Dad (Who Is Also The Coolest For Being A Lumberjack) – PHOTOS

I'm not a dessert snob. Basically, if something has sugar, chocolate, and/or an obscene number of calories, I will devour it. Dessert is dessert is dessert, ya know? But every once in a while, a cake will come along that blows every other cake out of the water (or, more accurately, kitchen), causing us to step back in awe and offer an obligatory "wow." Of course, then we will devour said cake, but we'll wait at least 5 seconds for the moment of appreciation first. This wood-inspired cake made by a daughter for her lumberjack dad made me pause for a good 7 seconds before I started thinking about what kind of chocolate it was made of, which is an impressive feat to be sure.

This amazing cake takes the shape of a log, which is just perfect for reminding daddy dearest of his physically demanding, grueling days of chopping down trees from sunup to sundown to put food on the table for his family. Kidding! It's actually a thoughtfully sweet gesture, and I would be beyond ecstatic to receive a cake inspired by my job (which would be, uh, a laptop? I would eat a cake laptop. Bring it.)

As if this cake wasn't boss enough, the inside doesn't disappoint either. Check out this glorious diabetes-maker below:

"Unghhhhhmmhmnggmph" (That's my "words-can't-capture-my-love-for-you-please-get-in-my-belly-right-now" sound.)

Of course, not all theme cakes are good cakes. If done poorly, they can be creepy, tasteless, or just plain bizarre.

But with a little practice, someday you too can become a master chef! Get bakin'!

Images: Reddit(2); Giphy(2)