Benedict Channels His Inner Jack Dawson

Like most people in the world, I have not yet fully recovered from the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch is engaged. (Truth be told, that day may never come.) However, that still doesn't stop me from reading every single little thing about this devilishly handsome Brit that I can get my hands on — which includes his recent interview with BBC's The Andrew Marr Show, where the actor opened up about his favorite hobby: sketching. That's right, people, Benedict Cumberbatch sketches to escape the "nonsense" of fame. Seriously, how is this guy a real person? Just… how?!?! Because this is really want we needed… yet another reason to fall love even more in love with him than we already were. I suppose he also writes sonnets in his spare time as well?

But aside from just being downright charming, this little reveal couldn't help but remind me of another certain someone who made sketching seem oh-so sexy: Titanic's very own Jack Dawson. Anyone else now desperately in need of Benedict to draw them "like one of his French girls?" I mean, the comparison is just too spot on to ignore, right? Which got me thinking… Benedict Cumberbatch and Leonardo DiCaprio's Jack Dawson are actually surprisingly similar on multiple levels. For starters…

They've Perfected the Brow Furrow

It doesn't matter what exactly it is that they're so concerned about. All we need to know is that it makes us want to be there to help comfort them in any way possible.

They Look Great in a Tux

So dapper. So charming. So irresistibly handsome. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go lie down for a minute.

They've Got Superb Dancing Skills

And you know what they say about guys who are good dancers…

They Enjoy a Good Deduction


And Seduction

I… uh… what was I talking about?

Then, Of Course, They've Made Floppy Hair Downright Adorable

Curly, straight, it doesn't matter. We'll take it all… and never let go.

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