Harrison Wells & Cisco Have an Odd 'Flash' Dynamic

My favorite wordplay-loving nerd on The Flash , Cisco Ramon, was the target of Harrison Wells' signature sinister moment in last week's episode. Seriously, that dude just has to fill a weekly dark and mysterious quota or something. Anyway, Cisco had lost a gun that ended up in the hands of Captain Cold, played by Wentworth Miller. Wells was very stern with Cisco about having developed the freeze ray in the first place. We learned that Harrison Wells does not want any weapons in S.T.A.R. Labs, which I'm not buying, personally. There's no way the big bad Dr. Wells doesn't have weapons stored away somewhere. Wells and Cisco's history is still unknown to the audience. Wells clearly had a bigger team before the particle accelerator explosion. Why did only Cisco and Caitlin Snow stick around S.T.A.R. Labs?

Other than monitoring Barry's vitals, what were they doing while he was in a coma? The two of them, so far, have seemed pretty easy going. Their ability to study, assist, and costume Barry has seemed almost too convenient. We know Caitlin is probably there because her association with Wells and the explosion left her with nowhere else to turn. I'm sure her grief isn't helping, either. What about Cisco? Why is he there, especially after that confrontation with Wells? Do Cisco and Wells have problems predating The Flash that we don't know about? What happened between them?

Comic Premonitions

Here's one theory. We know that Harrison Wells gets Google Alerts from the future. I think that he has seen what Cisco will become, and is trying to course correct. In the comics, Francisco Ramon is the metahuman known as Vibe. He also sometimes goes by Paco and briefly served on the Justice League. However, he caused some trouble for the heroes and has occasionally served as a villain. If Wells has his best intentions in mind, perhaps he is trying to steer the young Cisco down the right path. He does seem genuinely worried about Barry Allen. It sure is possible that Wells is a good guy after all. Maybe this is all a red herring, and at the end of the season he'll host a metahuman cook out and flip burgers on the grill, while wearing a "Kiss the Cook" apron and telling Dad Jokes.

Or he's still evil and trying to create a monster by antagonizing Cisco. Poor little buddy! Even if Wells is Professor Zoom or DC villain Vandal Savage, there's no connection between either of those characters to Cisco Ramon. Their relationship is unique to the CW series and still a mystery.

Workplace Drama

Another theory is that Cisco knows more about the particle accelerator explosion than he's letting on. He's a smart guy with a gifted understanding of technology. He was with Caitlin's betrothed when he went into the accelerator to try and stop the storm. Perhaps he tried to blackmail Harrison Wells and was threatened in return.

Best Intentions

As Bustle writer Emma Lord pointed out last week, it is mighty suspicious that Cisco created a weapon to stop Barry Allen specifically. Who is Cisco afraid of? It could just be Barry Allen, or metahumans in general. Maybe he's a villain in training already.

Images: Jack Rowand/The CW; Giphy (3)