We May Not See the Duggars for a While

by Nicole Pomarico

I'm pretty bummed when my favorite shows go on hiatus, and that's definitely the case when it comes to 19 Kids and Counting. Just when things were getting good — like Ben Seewald's super adorable proposal to Jessa Duggar — they're cutting me off, cold turkey. And to add insult to injury, they're ending Season 9 of 19 Kids and Counting with a special dedicated to Josh and Anna, who everybody knows is the most boring Duggar couple. The worst news, though? Nowhere on the internet is there a premiere date for the next season of 19 Kids and Counting .

By the looks of the show's premiere and finale pattern, we can expect new episodes starting in April, if TLC doesn't veer from its usual path. Since this season focused on Jill and Derick, from their engagement to their wedding, I'm thinking the next will be the same, but with Ben and Jessa. Since I far preferred Jessa's wedding (and dress... and bridesmaid's dresses, because Jill's just weren't doing it for me), I'm really excited to see it unfold on TV. OK, so Ben's family's beliefs are pretty horrifying, but I'm in love with Ben and Jessa as a couple — and the fact that they saved their first kiss for a private moment.

Aside from plenty of Ben and Jessa-related footage, there are a bunch of other things on my Duggar wishlist for next season. Like...

All the details about Jill's pregnancy

I check her Instagram on a daily basis to see the status of her growing baby bump, and needless to say, I'm really excited for her to become a mom. She's going to be a great one, especially after all that training she got while practically raising her younger siblings, and her genes plus Derick's are going to create a really cute baby. Is there anything better than a cute baby?

Adorable newlywed stuff from Jill & Derick

Just because Jessa and Ben are my favorite Duggar couple doesn't mean that I don't want to see plenty from my second favorite. I want to see Jill and Derick moving into their new home, unwrapping the wedding gifts from their completely outlandish registry, and actually getting to know each other now that they can have a little privacy.

More of a focus on Jana & Jinger

Because they don't get nearly the screentime they deserve, and Jinger is hilarious. Also Joy Anna, because she's adorable.

As little of Jim Bob as possible

I love the Duggars as if they were my own family, but I just cannot stand that man. Every time I see him on my TV, I get so irrationally angry, and I end up talking to a man on the screen who cannot hear me. I waste most of my best comebacks and insults this way, and it's unfortunate.

More courtships, please

Not that I'd ever condone anybody entering into a serious relationship if they weren't ready for one, Duggars and other reality stars included, but there's something about the convoluted way Duggars date that is simultaneously fascinating, disgusting, and completely endearing to me. And I need more.

Image: TLC