Where Is Bonnie On 'The Vampire Diaries’? Her Fate Is Dangerously Uncertain

Bonnie just can't catch a break, can she? The most useful witch in Mystic Falls has been put through the ringer over the past six seasons of The Vampire Diaries, and now she might be in the most dire straights of all. Bonnie may have come back from the dead almost as many times as her boyfriend Jeremy did, but now, she is simply lost — and all the voicemails in the world can't bring her back. After sacrificing herself so that Damon could return home to Elena and Stefan, Bonnie appeared to "die" in the purgatory created for evil witch Kai. That was the last we saw of Bonnie or that purgatory, which is obviously troubling for fans of the Bennett witch. So what's the deal? Where is Bonnie? And, more importantly, can she ever come home?

The people behind The Vampire Diaries are staying particularly mum about Bonnie's fate, which might be a good sign. After all, if Bonnie were gone for good, we'd probably have some sort of online memorial for her right this second. But alas, it seems that Bonnie is still stuck in some sort of limbo — just one we're not privy to seeing right now. Here's what Bonnie could be up to now that Damon is back home.

She's Hiding From Kai

Remember, Kai is pissed that Bonnie sent Damon home from purgatory instead of him — and now, she's trapped in the early '90s with a sociopathic witch determined to hurt her. Sure, it doesn't seem like Bonnie or Kai can actually die in this world, but who knows what sort of trickery Kai has up his sleeve for Bonnie now that she betrayed him? Bonnie could be on the run from Kai, which may lead to her discovering something new about her purgatory situation. You know, like an escape hatch.

She's Still Hurt

It's unclear how injury works in this purgatory, but there's a chance that the arrow thrown at Bonnie really did some damage. She could be unable to figure out her next move because she is in a coma or physically incapable of moving due to her injuries. That may mean that Bonnie's escape won't be easy — or soon.

She's At Peace

This would be the saddest end for the Mystic Falls gang, but perhaps the happier one for Bonnie. Bonnie's sacrifice for her friend could have triggered some sort of mystical loophole where she was able to bypass purgatory completely. It's obvious that Bonnie deserves a little peace, as sad as it would be for everyone else to be in the dark about what happened to their beloved witch pal. It might be selfish, but I can't be the only one who really hopes that this isn't Bonnie's fate. We need more of Bonnie's witching ways in Season 6.

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