The Instagram Feature You Always Wanted Is Here

by Alanna Greco

Finally, Instagram users can drunkenly upload pictures with the comforting thought that they can fix any typos or mistakes in the morning. Editing Instagram captions is now possible thanks to an update to the photo sharing app, the company announced Monday.

It has always been a problem with the app; if you ever made a typo, tagged the wrong person, or clicked a different emoji than you meant to, you were stuck with your faulty caption. The only way to fix these problems was to delete the whole post and start anew, causing you to lose likes (which is apparently something people care about) and leaving your followers to wonder if you have gone crazy. Now, if you want to make a change to a post that has already been uploaded, you simply have to click on the menu button, and you will find a handy “edit” option.

Instagram’s blog announced that they made this change because it has been “one of the top requests that we’ve heard from the community.” The same blog post announced that the explore tab will now be separated into two sections, people and places, in order to make your wasting time on Instagram more organized.

And while I am happy that I no longer have to comment on my own photo with a spelling correction and a cute embarrassed-face emoji, there are still some obvious changes that Instagram can make to improve the user experience. Here are my ideas:

1. Can we please get some Facebook-esque privacy features? Now that parents are all over Instagram, it would be helpful to be able to block certain posts from their feed.

2. Next, it would be nice to have resizing options as well as filters. It seems unnecessary to have to upload photos to an app like Instasize just so that your photo can fit in Instagram’s unforgiving size restraints.

3. Lastly, it should be easier to manage multiple Instagram accounts without having to constantly log in and out. As one of the many millennials who has held a position with “managing social media accounts” in the job description, I know how annoying this can get.

But until all of my demands are met, let's be happy that Instagram is listening to its users and making it a bit easier for us to spend hours on our phones. Now, how do you think they would feel about removing those "promoted posts"?

Images: Instagram