Jennifer Lawrence & Lorde Would Be Ideal BFFs

by Nicole Pomarico

Although meeting Jennifer Lawrence is definitely on my bucket list, I have no idea what I would do if the opportunity ever presented itself. Likely, I would be too shocked to speak and would probably end up standing in front of her, silent tears streaming down my face. If you think you'd be starstruck by J. Law, you're not alone. When Lorde met Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet at Monday night's London premiere of Mockingjay — Part One, she completely freaked out, and adorably, the freak out was mutual. And seeing them together brought me to a serious revelation: they would make the perfect best friend pair ever.

In case you haven't seen the video of Lorde and Lawrence meeting for the first time, you need to. Neither of them are mic-ed so you can't hear their conversation, but you can totally tell they're hitting it off. All the signs of BFFs in the making are there: animated hand gestures, excited expressions, nonstop chatting. I am so excited about the fact that they love each other, because I love both of them. OK, so I'm not crazy about Lorde's fashion choices, but as a person, I think she's absolutely wonderful. And everybody knows that Jennifer Lawrence is 100 percent flawless.

Still not convinced? Let me be the one to change your mind.

They have one big project in common: Mockingjay

Lawrence is the star, and Lorde curated the soundtrack. Obviously, they've both spent a lot of time immersing themselves in The Hunger Games universe and probably have a lot in common because of it. The intelligent discussion that could be had between these two women analyzing Katniss's personal journey would be fascinating.

They've both admired each other for a long time

During a Reddit AMA, Lorde revealed that before she and Lawrence ever met, she was taking advice from her:

I read this cool thing Jennifer Lawrence said the other day about learning about the world through books vs her real world experience, and I’m definitely feelin that right now. But maybe that’s just a lazy person’s excuse.

And as for Lawrence? She's pretty sure her on-screen alter-ego, Katniss, would approve of Lorde, and mentioned in a recent interview that Katniss's favorite artists would be the "Yellow Flicker Beat" singer and Taylor Swift, which means Katniss obviously has optimum music taste.

Lorde has already helped Lawrence with a wardrobe malfunction

Just hours after their first official meeting, Lawrence's plunging neckline worked against her — but don't worry, Lorde was totally there to help her laugh the whole thing off. How adorable are these photos? It's obvious that they're meant to be besties.

Plus, can you imagine the selfies?

Lawrence might be against the idea of social networking, but Lorde certainly isn't. This could be a way of finally seeing Lawrence through Instagram's many filters, and if they wanted to join up with Lorde's current BFF, Taylor Swift, to play with cats or bake cookies or something, I'd probably die of happiness.

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