Dillard's Christmas List Is Problematic

by Jamie Cuccinelli

OK, everyone, we reallyyyy need to stop telling little girls to lose weight. In "WTF Were They Thinking" news of the day, Dillard's department store posted a fat-shaming sign reading, "Dear Santa, this year, please give me a big, fat bank account and a slim body. Please don’t mix those two up like you did last year. Thanks," in the children's section of their Florida store. Uhh, pretty sure when I believed in Santa, all I wanted was a pony.

When photos of the sign surfaced online, the inevitable PR disaster hit, which quickly got Dillard's execs off their butts to quickly remove the offending sign and offer the weak explanation that it was never meant to end up in the children's section. LOL! Oops... Does this mean they were down to have it in another section? Because, newsflash, adults shouldn't be subject to fat-shaming either.

I really shouldn't be surprised and that in itself really sucks. The fact that toys, media, and adults telling little girls that they need to look different/slim down/morph into a Bratz doll has become so commonplace is depressing enough, but bringing that body negativity into the holidays is just plain old sad. DO NOT RUIN CHRISTMAS FOR ME, OK?!

I guess we're just starting them off while they're young, right? Get them boys in the "rape is just a snuggle" tees and those girls wishing to find a slimmer version of themselves under the tree. Sorry, girls, but Santa can't deliver on that one. And you shouldn't want him to, anyway. Might as well ask the guy for better self-esteem.

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Like I said, at least the sign was already taken down. But why was it made in the first place? That, in itself, is the real issue here, no matter where in the store it was hung.