Nick Lachey Compares T. Swift to Britney Spears

by Alyse Whitney

When it comes to making pop music, Nick Lachey knows a thing or two. The '90s boy band heartthrob may be grown up and married with kids now, but he's still an authority on the genre. When I caught up with Lachey to chat about his new covers album Soundtrack of My Life , he revealed what music he's listening to these days. Not-so-surprisingly, his family isn't dancing around to One Direction, but he does think that Taylor Swift is embracing her pop side in a great way. However, that doesn't mean that he expects her to be the next Britney Spears.

After recently interviewing Swift, Lachey said that they talked about how this is the album she fought to make for a long time. "[1989] is very pop, but that’s what she’s been wanting to do for a while ... I think she shed the country part on this record, somewhat intentionally, so she’s a different type of artist than a Britney," he says. "She’s not going to come out with the headset mic and do a huge choreographed dance routine, I wouldn’t think, but who knows. I think she’s been pop for a while, even with her country leading. She’s definitely a pop artist, there’s no question."

When it comes to music Lachey is listening to these days, it also relates to Swift. "For the first time, I’m a little behind the eight-ball on this — I listened to Ed Sheeran’s album the other day," he admits. "It’s just a great record, front to back. Big fan of his." Another artist he appreciates is one he can share with his 2-year-old son, Camden: Pharrell Williams. "His favorite song of last year was, in a landslide, Pharrell’s 'Happy,'" Lachey spills with a laugh, also adding, "He's not on One Direction's radar yet."

Although Lachey didn't cover "Happy" on Soundtrack of My Life, he would love to get in the studio with the artist behind it. "Gosh, I mean, I think Pharrell is one of those guys. I had the chance to interview him on the show last year, and you get a real appreciation for his talent and creativity," he says. "He’s a guy I would love to work with at some point. He’s worked with everyone, so many great artists, and I think it would be a lot of fun to get in the studio with him."

Images: Nick Lachey/Instagram