Jim Actually Apologized on the 'RHONJ' Reunion

by Kayla Hawkins

After three hours of reunion, another season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey kind of, sort of comes to an end. We still have another "Secrets Revealed" episode coming up, which will be the actual last episode of the year, but for the moment, this is the last chance we have to hear from the ladies after everything that went down this season. And we finally, finally got to close the book on Victoria Gotti's rumor about Rino and Teresa Aprea, and some surprising apologies from Amber and Jim Marchese. Amber even admitted that her makeup in the interviews is terrible!

And Amber apologized to Bobby for what happened way back at the beginning of the season, when she told Melissa about Nicole allegedly breaking up a family. She admits that she should have talked to Bobby and Nicole about that heresy first, which is true, and that during that physical fight, Bobby needed to have her back, which is… a little thin coming from her when Jim was more than ready to lash out at the other ladies.

Now, the Marcheses are trying to pass off this Rino/Santa rumor as a silly joke, something that Rino actually may have said to Victoria Gotti in jest, but something that wasn't true at all. TereSSa and Rino didn't actually buy that excuse, but Jim Marchese formally apologized to Teresa Aprea, her parents, and Nicole for their drunken fight in Florida and the abuse he screamed at them.

The craziest thing that might have happened in the whole season was when Jim Marchese claimed to be taller than the two Joes. And Jim tried to make excuses for his crazy Twitter, claiming that he's just doing it to "defend [his] woman" and draw the complaints about him away from his wife. That's why every time he went on a crazy rant, his wife was always so calm and happy.

He basically claimed that all of his behavior all season long can be blamed on protecting his wife. That wasn't very convincing, but ending the season admitting that he was an "asshole" and apologizing for going way too far? Now it might not be so bad if Jim and Amber return for Season 7.

Image: Charles Sykes/Bravo; Giphy (2)