Chuck Cameos in 'Supernatural's 200th Episode

by Keertana Sastry

Folks, I think we may have witnessed one of the most meta episodes of Supernatural since Season 6's "The French Mistake," with the series' 200th episode "Fan Fiction." In the extra-special episode (10 years in the making!) from Tuesday night, Sam and Dean come across a musical version of Supernatural, the book series about their lives written by Carver Edlund, aka Chuck Shurley. Other than hoping to see the boys do some singing themselves (which unfortunately did not happen), it was rumored that the episode would feature an appearance from the writer himself, Mr. Shurley, despite the fact that he vanished into thin air in the Season 5 finale, "Swan Song." Our wishes came true as Chuck did appear in the last five seconds of "Fan Fiction," though he did not interact with either of the Winchester brothers. What exactly does his cameo mean on the show?

A little backstory about the episode first. Sam and Dean investigate a disappearance of a theatre teacher at a local school where they stumble across the Supernatural musical, which is being performed for one night only and is written by a young girl with a cast of all girls. Sam and Dean's reactions to the musical are certainly enough for fans like myself to appreciate for years, but the addition of Chuck puts the episode over the top. So should we read into his cameo at all or was it just a reward for the fans?

The most straightforward reason for Chuck's cameo is simple: The 200th episode was a huge reward to fans for being so loyal to Supernatural for 10 years, and the cast and crew wanted to provide all of us faithful viewers with the return of a beloved character that we could really enjoy. It could also be the reason the writers added in a scene about "Destiel" and "Wincest."

Now, another likely scenario is the rumor that most fans believe. Despite Chuck being called a "prophet" and disappearing many years ago, he's actually much more than that. Many, many fans believe that Chuck is actually God. He showed up at the musical production of Supernatural because it was based on his own books, it featured a story of two of his favorite people and those very people (obviously the Winchesters) also came to the show, making it extra important. Or perhaps Chuck the God is just a wee bit self-congratulatory.

No matter what, it was a great moment for Supernatural fans who had been waiting for years to see Rob Benedict's Chuck back on their screens. For all of the years we've spent picking apart scene by scene, spoiler by spoiler, the 200th episode was a real gift and a symbol that the cast and crew are clearly so grateful for fan loyalty. Here's to more amazing episodes, and hopefully more answers.

Images: The CW; gripdeantightandraisehim, fuckitykidneys/Tumblr