Will Jimmy Die By Maggie's Hand on 'AHS'?

Why don't I just come right out and state the obvious? American Horror Story is not exactly known for its healthy romantic relationships. (Personally, I blame all the murder and bloodshed. It's very distracting and kind of a mood killer.) So when AHS: Freak Show introduced the idea of a possible romance between Jimmy Darling and Maggie Esmerelda, I feared poor Evan Peters' fate would once again be sealed. However, it seems this relationship could actually serve as Jimmy's life preserver. The synopsis for Wednesday night's episode "Bullseye" states that Stanley will pressure Maggie to murder Jimmy. But could she actually go through with it when push comes to shove? I'm betting love has made this con artist develop a conscience.

It's just poor luck on Stanley's part, really. We all know Emma Roberts' Coven counterpart Madison Montgomery would've killed Jimmy without even a second thought. Maggie is different though and doesn't take the idea of murdering someone lightly. (Go figure!) She's already said to Stanley on multiple occasions that she's uncomfortable with the whole killing aspect of this plan. (I'm not really sure how else she had envisioned that all of this would end, but whatever. It's the thought that counts, I guess.) Granted, she hasn't cared enough yet to stop Stanley outright, but I think that once Jimmy's life is in real danger she will do everything she can to protect him from harm. I mean, wouldn't you?

We all recall how Jimmy gallantly came to Maggie's rescue right before Dandy was about to saw her in half, so the least she can do going forward is return the favor. However, I have a feeling her motives stem far beyond that of paying back a debt. She may have declined Jimmy's advances earlier, but that's only because she knows that getting closer to him will make it that much harder for her to do her job. On the other hand, that ship has already sailed — which became evident during that fake palm reading where she warned him to leave town. Unfortunately, he didn't take the bait, but I doubt that'll be the only time she tries to intervene.

Then there's the fact that, deep down, she's genuinely a decent human being. Back when they were abducted by Dandy and Twisty, Maggie used herself as a distraction to lure Dandy away from the other kids. She allowed them to escape by putting herself at risk. That's not exactly the behavior of a cold-hearted killer. And these were for people she had only just met. The more time she spends with Jimmy, the deeper her affection for him will grow. Of course, there are very many ways this AHS golden boy could still meet a tragic end, but having it be at the hands of Maggie is, in my opinion, not one of them.

She may not know it yet, but the biggest con Maggie is running right now is the one on herself and how she truly feels about Jimmy.

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