Elizabeth And James Launch A Single Lip Gloss

Elizabeth and James, the contemporary fashion line of The Olsen Twins, has followed up its black and white Nirvana scents, which was the brand's initial foray into beauty, with a single nude lip gloss that will be part of two holiday perfume sets. The brand is toying with my fragile emotions, since the Elizabeth and James makeup line consists of a single lip gloss, aka not a line at all. It's just a hint of how flawless a full Elizabeth and James makeup range could be. Mary-Kate and Ashley often rock nude lips, so they decided to include a universally flattering nude gloss with the holiday gift versions of the fragrance.

The Nirvana Nude gloss is limited edition and available as part of the two Sephora rollerball sets, for both Nirvana Black and Nirvana White, which go for $29 a piece. Allure, which got the scoop about the gloss, noted that it does look very concentrated and brown in the tube, but it swipes on in a much less intense form, offering an almost no makeup makeup look along with a warm, vanilla scent.

Allure also reports a huge, soul-crushing piece of bad news and that's the fact that that there probably won't be a full M-K and A-advised makeup line via E and J. Hold on one sec. What was that sound? Oh, that was just my heart sinking, landing with a thud, and then shattering into millions of pieces.

This nude lip gloss is not a teaser or a taste, literally, of what's to come. Or perhaps the brand is just trying to keep us guessing? Please? There are rumblings of a new scent planned for 2015, which certainly takes the sting off the fact that an expansive product range including necessary items like powder, blushes, eye shadows, and lipstick isn't coming down the pike.

I can only hope the M-K, Ash, and their E and J advisors rethink that plan. The brand certainly is informed by the twins' fashion point of view. It's wearable, cute, trendy, and contemporary, and they certainly know and "get" what young, urban-dwelling, style-loving girls want. A fully fleshed out makeup range would compliment the fashion offerings and it would also allow the brand to be accessible on some level to those who can't afford the spend on the threads.

It'd be a win-win and it would make complete and total sense.

So, hey, M-K and Ashley, how about a full Elizabeth and James makeup line?

Images: Sephora (3)