Guy Bugs His Co-Worker With Bad Jokes, And They're Basically Real Life Jim And Pam – VIDEO

Move over, PB&J! (That's Pam Beesly and Jim, in case you were not as aggressive of a 'shipper on The Office as I was.) There's a new adorable office couple in town, and their names are Sangay and Philip. I don't know who they are or what they actually do for a living, but I do know that after watching this video of Philip yelling "Hey Sangay!" and filming her reactions that if they aren't meant to be together, then everything in my life is a lie. Like, I totally understand that the premise of this video is Philip being annoying as all hell (poor Sangay must be on high alert at all times), but past all of his lame jokes and excessive volume is LOVE.

I might be getting ahead of myself, which I assume is at least partially because I relate all too well to the struggles of not having an office crush, and I'm also still in complete and utter denial that The Office has stopped airing new episodes. I need something else to fill the void in my heart where Jim and Pam used to be. I need my fix. Even if that fix means watching poor Sangay endure Philip and his gravity-defying hair rolling his chair over to her and wasting her time with his nonsense. She hasn't killed him yet, which can only mean that they're meant to be together forever.

Fingers crossed that there's going to be a follow up video to "Hey Sangay" called "Date Sangay," where Philip continues to be his charmingly annoying self on various dates around the city. I know office romances can be risky, but even though I know next to nothing about them, I'm rooting for them anyway. Their couple name can be "P.S." It's like the internet was just asking me to 'ship it.

Image: YouTube