"He Got Girlfriend" Hilariously Shows That You Never Know When You're Going To Lose A Friend To A Relationship – VIDEO

This video might be a tiny bit sexist, but it's mostly funny. "He Got Girlfriend" tackles the social problem of "getting girlfriend" as though "girlfriend" were some kind of devastating terminal illness. The video opens on four dude friends sitting around having beers, when one question the absence of a mystery fifth friend. Which is when it's revealed that he won't be joining them. Because "he got girlfriend."

To be fair, when they address that anyone could "get girlfriend" they do qualify with "or boyfriend", so it's at least not completely heteronormative. We definitely understand the obviously problematic undertones that are present here (the generalizations made about both genders are kinda ugh) but, since this exact conversation could be true of people of any gender in any relationship, we'll allow it. Because the truth is, "getting girlfriend" is really just about that thing that happens when your friend gets into a new relationship and temporarily (hopefully, anyway) disappears from your life.

The funniest part is when one of the friends becomes angered about the absent friend's new "illness", yelling, "But he's a dick, and in terrible shape, how did he get a girlfriend?" While it might be a little sexist to view "girlfriend" as a disease, the whole thing could easily be flipped just to mean "relationship", so that we don't get our knickers in a knot and can see this for the funny video it is. Because who hasn't had a friend fall in love and disappear from their social life? It happens to the best of us. Watch below.

Image: YouTube