Nick Lachey Is Returning to Reality TV & It's Basically Like ‘Wahlburgers’

Nick Lachey has a lot on his plate with the release of Soundtrack to My Life , a 2-year-old son and a baby girl on the way with his wife, Vanessa, and a full-time gig hosting Vh1's Big Morning Buzz. But his busy life in LA isn't the end to his projects — Lachey is also in the process of opening Lachey's Bar in Cincinnati, OH with his brother (and fellow 98 Degrees member) Drew, which they're documenting on A&E, Wahlburgers style. When I chatted with Nick about striking a balance between his current career, his family, and his future with the sports bar, he revealed that he's trying to live with a "no regrets" attitude about making the eventual full-time move to Ohio. As for the present, he's also thinking ahead to the different dynamic he'll face with raising his daughter, including how he'll teach both of his kids to be respectful of all people — both men and women.

When it comes to becoming a father for the second time, Lachey is excited to have both a son and a daughter, but he's not going to raise them any differently. "I think I'll raise her the same way as Camden in that I want my kids to be respectful and be good people, loving people," he says, but there is a small catch. "I think there’s inevitably going to be a difference in the way that a dad relates to a daughter versus how a dad relates to his son. I don’t know that I can articulate what those will be yet because I need to live them and find out. But I think that’s the excitement I’m feeling — I love my son beyond words and I know I’ll love my daughter beyond words, but it will be different. There will be a different dynamic to it that I’m excited to experience."

With shocking examples of women being harassed in public (like with the recent catcalling video), I asked Lachey if he has instilled any values about the respect and treatment of women in Camden, and if he would do so differently with his daughter. He immediately had a fantastic answer.

"I want Camden to respect all people and women included in that. I think my dad was a great role model in how to treat women the right way. I’ve tried to do that in my life, and I certainly want Camden to do the same. And for my daughter, I would want her to one day meet someone who will treat her with the respect that she deserves," he says. "But I think I want my kids — I mean kids in a general sense, not in a sex-specific sense — to be independent and strong in themselves and fight for what they believe in. I would expect that as much of my daughter as I would of my son. I think that’s true for both."

If all goes according to plan, Lachey will be raising his kids outside of the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. He and Vanessa are planning to give themselves some time before they settle down permanently in Cincinnati — mostly so they don't short themselves any career opportunities.

"I think it’s important for myself and for Vanessa to kind of pursue all of the career stuff that we want to pursue and kind of have a ‘no regret’ attitude with that, and when it comes time to start school for our kids, then you make decisions based on their needs at that point," he reveals. "I love Cincinatti — it’s home for me. But it’s a fine line between living where you want to live and being around your family and also pursuing a career you’ve worked hard to build. That balance is one that Vanessa and I have tried to juggle for a few years now, and we’ll continue to do that."Though the time frame of his future is up in the air, one thing is for sure: we'll all be able to see the making of Lachey's Bar on their A&E reality show. Lachey admits that he's only "seen one episode of Wahlburgers," but it will be similar in that it's about their family business. The show will see them "documenting and conceptualizing this place, building it out, all the potholes and hurdlers you have to deal with in doing that, and ultimately opening the spot," but he's not sure if it will continue on for many years behind the camera like with Newlyweds. "I don’t know if it goes onto that in more seasons or if we end it there. We just have to see how we feel about it afterwards."