'Mindy' Season 2 Premiere Is Full of Surprises

Thank goodness! Fox has shined a light down on all of us and is letting us preview The Mindy Project for a week online before the the television premiere next Tuesday, Sept 17. And the premiere moves FAST, people.

The episode starts in true Mindy-rom-com style, with a voiceover of her saying: "So I guess all my problems are solved forever." Then we see Casey and Mindy on a tree in Haiti and Casey PROPOSES! That came quick! We knew from previews there was gonna be a wedding, but damn, they're throwing it all out in the first episode. Best ever: Casey pulls out a ring, and Mindy shouts, "I want to Vine this!"

But then, Mindy gets a gallbladder infection and she's airlifted out of Haiti and back to New York. A pretty clever way to get her back to the office, I suppose. The best part about the premiere? JAMES FRANCO. More specifically, James Franco as the former model-turned-doctor (his inspiration was falling off a runway while high on E, into an 8-month-pregnant woman who worked for ad sales at In Style. Phenomenal). Mindy and Franco instantly become rivals because he is the new handsome doctor and Morgan has even started calling him Dr. L instead of Mindy. So harsh.

Meanwhile, Mindy and Casey are newly engaged, and Danny and Christina are having some sex issues that Leotard tries to help them out with. Of course, there's still a wholllle bunch of sexual and romantic tension between Danny and Mindy, like dude is visibly upset when he learns that Mindy is engaged. There's a really sweet moment near the end of the premiere with the two of them on Mindy's fire escape (Mindy is wearing a bedsheet, by the way).

The episode was a really strong start and there were some hilarious moments. I also like that the characters feel more developed in this first episode, and their relationships are getting stronger. They felt a little stock in the first season. I am so excited for this season of The Mindy Project! And, let's be real, I like that James Franco's handsome mug will be in the first few episodes.

[Image via MindyKaling/Instagram]