Watch the 'Divergent' Sequel 'Insurgent' Trailer

by Alyse Whitney

If you thought that Divergent was heart-stopping, just wait until you see the trailer for its sequel, Insurgent. Tris (Shailene Woodley) sports a chopped-off hairstyle as she dives off buildings, runs through fire, and tries to save her mom, Natalie (Ashley Judd). Although these obstacles are nothing in comparison to some of the insane things Tris had to do in the first film, the screams and watching the burning ashes definitely set the pace for an action-packed sequel. As the trailer warns, the "world will never be the same."

There is one catch, and I'll preface this will one big spoiler alert. OK, you understand a big spoiler is coming, right? We're good? Good.

In Divergent, Natalie dies to save Tris, so the real mystery of this teaser trailer is whether Natalie is alive or if Tris is just seeing things. I've read the book, but I won't give away any secrets — you can just watch the teaser below and decide for yourself. Either way, this is an incredible first look at the next installment of the series. Now we all just have to wait to see Tris and Four together, because they are obviously better together than Katniss and Peeta. Sorry, not sorry, Hunger Games.