Marissa Webb's First Banana Republic Collection is A Huge Hit — Looks Like #TheNewBR Is Finally Here!

Guys, it's finally here! What, you ask? The New Banana Republic! On Monday morning, Marissa Webb unveiled her first collection for Banana Republic at Milk Studios in NYC. The verdict? Everybody's favorite work-wear staple has honestly never looked better. I may even start to shop there from time to time.

Even diehard fans can agree that Banana Republic had grown stale in recent years. The brand tapped Webb back in April in the hopes that she would revive floundering sales. Fresh off a decade at J. Crew and a year designing her own line, Webb seemed to be the perfect person to inject a bit of playfulness and joie de vivre into Banana Republic's traditionally stern offerings. The Summer 2015 collection, the first under her direction, hints at a younger, more interesting vibe — a super welcome change for a brand that's been mired in sameness for as long as most of us can remember.

While it does seem Webb has given BR a bit of the J. Crew treatment — unexpected styling choices, pops of color, bold coral lips — the clothes themselves are pure Banana. Hints of safari green are the biggest nod to BR's history, while midi hemlines, relaxed button downs, and even a floral romper flawlessly balance out the basics.


"We've added a lot of new colors for Banana Republic, but it's not the rainbow," Webb told Tyler McCall of Fashionista, "We've been very selective about that as well. We started with a blank canvas, really wanting this collection to be an indication of Banana Republic going forward." It sounds like the designer is conscious of staying true to the company's mission while updating the clothes for a new audience. Ultimately, she hopes to help BR make the move from work-wear destination to complete lifestyle brand. And from the looks of this collection, she's well on her way toward success.

Images: Getty Images