Check Out Mulberry's Flawless Holiday Ad

With the rise of DVRs and Internet streaming services, it's been a loooong time since I've watched a television commercial. Brands have figured that out and so we've seen an influx of "fashion films" that are essentially artsy ads released on YouTube. Normally, these bore me just as 30 second TV spots about cereal did in the '90s and early '00s. However, Mulberry's video Christmas ad is a rare exception. It's downright brilliant.

The one minute and forty-three second clip features a family unwrapping presents on Christmas morning in a gorgeously decorated living room. Or, rather, each family member presents the one twenty-something daughter with their gift and waits for her reaction. Her excitement is relatively subdued as she receives a portrait of herself from her sister, a puppy from her mother, and a unicorn from her boyfriend. Finally, her grouchy-looking grandmother gives her a red Mulberry bag that she goes nuts over while her disappointed family members look on. Then the camera pans to her smirking grandmother and the phrase #WinChristmas.

Aside from being absolutely hilarious, the video provides some interesting commentary on the pressure to find the perfect gift that will change the receiver's life. Plus, it serves as an amazing advertisement for Mulberry. Who wouldn't want to elicit this reaction for a gift as simple as a handbag?

Bravo to Mulberry's marketing team for #WinningChristmas.