'HTGAWM' Connor Actor Jack Falahee Is Even Cooler in Real Life & These 6 Facts Prove It

It would not be a stretch to say that Jack Falahee's Connor Walsh is HTGAWM 's breakout character. At least, he is for now. He's cruel, sly, confident, and the cracks are beginning to show — which makes for great television. For a guy who proudly claimed he "doesn't do boyfriend drama" at the beginning of the season, Connor sure has got it bad for Oliver. Still, he's not the nicest guy. I understand why some people may not like him. He keeps a very short list of people he cares about that aren't number one. He is not afraid of breaking the law to practice the law. His rivalry with Michaela is fun to watch, but must be brutal to live. The actor himself described Connor's character to The Back Lot as "a creature of appetites." How very juicy. Fortunately the How to Get Away With Murder actor, Jack Falahee, is a much nicer guy.

The 25-year-old Michigander is relatively new to film and television. Just two years ago he got his first screen credit in the popular musical theatre themed webseries "Submissions Only." His most significant role since was on the ABC Family series Twisted, which may be geared for younger audiences, but can get just as creepy as How To Get Away With Murder.

He & his castmates are super tight

Asher may be jealous of Connor's "voodoo penis" and Connor may not think too highly of Asher's intelligence, but that doesn't mean Matt McGorry and Jack Falahee can't be bros.

He fell into acting as a show of support

It was an intense thing to experience at that age. He was involved in theater, so everyone that was close to him took a part in the play as a tribute. I had never acted before, ever, but the minute I stepped on the stage, I just fell in love with it.

Falahee's first foray, a production of Singin' In the Rain, occurred after a high cchool friend died tragically in a car crash, something he told OUT earlier this year. He insists, in the same interview, that he's much quirkier and less sure of himself than his on-screen counterpart. Falahee also acted in musicals while attending NYU. Let's hope his singing voice was better than the horrifying renditions of Christmas carols we've been getting on the ABC drama.

He can admit to his own failure

You won't find Connor Walsh bragging about losing something so trivial as a video game. Oh brother — he plays Settlers of Catan too? Nerd alert!

He got starstruck

Same, Falahee. Same.

He plays guitar

Brooke Howard on YouTube

Embarrassing video time! Here's Jack Falahee accompanying some NYU friends way back in 2010. I doubt you'll find Connor Walsh jamming at school any time soon. The description for the video says that this was part of a benefit for Haiti. That's another thing you aren't likely to find Connor doing — benefiting others. Sorry, dude.

Not so fast

Okay, even I can admit that this dark humor is a little Connor Walsh-esque.