7 Things To Never Say To A Steroline Fan

Sometimes life can be cruel — like when people and even fellow fans don't understand your 'ship. It's a rough life that us TV fans live, especially those of us that become emotionally invested in the personal lives of our favorite characters. But the most frustrated of the frustrated TV fans have to be the fans of The CW vampire drama The Vampire Diaries because not only do other people totally not get our feelings, the series' creator, Julie Plec, DGAF about our feelings either. The Vampire Diaries Season 5 introduced Steroline to TVD fans and, almost immediately, people got hooked. But when Season 5 ended, TVD's execs basically confirmed that Steroline won't happen in TVD Season 6.

I'll say it for you — this really sucks. TVD spent an entire season trying to make Steroline happen and built an entire fan base around these two lonely hearts getting together and then they just decided that it was never going to happen. How are Steroline fans supposed to feel about that? Pissed — that's how they're supposed to feel. And what's even worse than feeling frustrated with your favorite show is insensitive jerks or fans who 'ship other couples rubbing it in your face.

So, if you don't want us to go all Ripper on you, you probably shouldn't say these things to a Steroline 'shipper.

Stefan & Elena Belong Together

Do you want to say that again? Because last time I checked, Stefan and Elena are absolutely better off being friends or not friends at all because Stefan can be a huge jerk.

Caroline Is So Not Stefan's Type

People can change — Stefan's changed from TVD Season 1 to now. It's entirely possible that Stefan's "type" has changed between his relationship with Elena and now. Don't pretend to know something you don't.

They're Better Off As Friends

OK, Stefan and Caroline are pretty great as friends, but you know what they say about the best relationships — the people in them started out as friends. Dating your BFF could only mean good things for you relationship.

Klaus & Caroline Are Supernatural Soul Mates

Well, Klaus isn't here anymore, is he? Caroline and Klaus' last meeting was essentially supposed to be there farewell to one another. If, someday, their paths cross again, maybe it'll be the right time for them, but right now it's Caroline and Stefan's time.

Does Everyone Just Date Everyone On This Show?

A fair question but, no. Yes, a lot of people have dated each other, but that has nothing to do with this conversation about Steroline. So, please — and don't take this the wrong way — butt out.

Steroline Is Such A Forced 'Ship

Um, have you seen their chemistry? Have you seen how great of friends they are? Didn't you hear me when I said it's pretty great for couples to be friends first before they get romantic? It'd just be natural for Steroline to go from being close friends to being in a relationship. So, you need to chill with your opinions.

Why Do You Even Care About TV Relationships?

WHO EVEN ARE YOU? I'm not even going to dignify this with a response. I'm just going to walk away before I hurt you.

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