Taylor Swift's Childhood Singing Clips Are Amazing

Though the clip of Taylor Swift singing the national anthem before a 76ers NBA game in Philadelphia at the age of 12 has already gone viral, any hardcore Swift fan knows that it's not the only vintage clip of her childhood singing years floating around on the Internet. Turns out, there are actually a ton of others, each just as adorkably adorable as the next — and, lucky for us, they're all sitting on YouTube. And, of course, since I'm in the business of informing the public about adorable things (it's called journalism, guys!), here's your very official compilation of them: in the form of not one, but 6 videos of Taylor Swift's childhood singing performances, from home movies to actual live performances at everything from sporting events to county fairs.

So, you know, just in case you needed proof that the adorably dorky Taylor Swift with questionable dancing skills that we all know and love now has always been that way, here you go. (Really, though, it's not like you really wanted to get anything done today other than listening to Swift's new 1989 album on repeat for, like, the 300th time since you purchased it.)

Ages 2 to 16 - Singing Throughout her Childhood Years

Age 12 - Singing the National Anthem at a 76ers NBA Game

Age 6 - Singing in a School Play

Ages 2 to 16 - Dateline's Special on Her Childhood Years

Age 16 - Singing a Song She Wrote Titled "Tim McGraw," Which Isn't Actually About Tim McGraw

Age 11 - Singing at a Local County Fair

Like I said: Proof that Swift has literally always been just as awkward-yet-lovable — and also really, really talented — as she is now.

Image: Giphy