Amanda Bynes Talks About Her Engagement

It's difficult keeping up with all of the unfortunate Amanda Bynes headlines as of late. She's out of her psychiatric hold and now possibly her parents conservatorship ( The Mirror and Radar Online say her parents have given up conservatorship) and she's also sporadically taken to Twitter to air out some of her feelings. It all seems very wrong to have a front row seat to her mental instability, especially because Twitter is such an impulsive and almost too easily used method of communication, and anyone could fall victim to it when emotions are escalated. If you recall, one majorly controversial topic regarding the troubled star was that she tweeted that she was engaged to be married in the midst of all of the chaos.

Well, as of Wednesday night, it appears she may not be any more. Bynes explained the media's inaccuracy in covering her relationship in three tweets. She starts off by saying, "When I said I was engaged it wasn't to Caleb Pusey - I don't look myself up online and i just did and I read a bunch of articles saying that." Not only does she claim she wasn't engaged to Pusey, her use of "was" insinuates that she isn't engaged to anyone, at least, anymore. Then again, it could just be a case of incorrect grammar usage, we've all been guilty of that (myself included, every single day). So, while we don't know anything for sure, I suppose we'll find out or perhaps Bynes will let us know. You can read her tweets below: