Amanda Bynes' Latest Tweets Are Troubling

There has been another sad update regarding Amanda Bynes. To be honest, every single time I see Amanda Bynes' tweets pop up on my Twitter feed, I get a bit of a gut wrenching feeling. Until I see a tweet that says that the actress is receiving the proper attention and care that she needs, I imagine I will continue to feel this way. In the past few weeks, Bynes has been released from psychiatric hold, her parents have announced their plan to surrender conservatorship (sad news, but it was what they felt they needed to do), and as a result Bynes has been couch surfing because she doesn't have the funds to get her own apartment — at least, according to her. In the midst of all of this, Bynes has taken to Twitter to express her thoughts on beauty, Hitler, and forcing people to do things.

Bynes has been tweeting about her own appearance a lot recently, usually in a critical way. Last week, Bynes tweeted that she thinks she "looks awful," blaming her appearance on not having money to buy new clothes and get her hair done. On Nov. 7, Bynes tweeted a photo of herself getting her hair dyed violet, adding that she "wasn't sure if [she liked] it". Her focus on her appearance is troubling enough, especially considering that her current couch surfing doesn't allow for her to meet her own apparent beauty standards, but her most recent tweets were even more concerning.

On Monday, Bynes tweeted that she doesn't like when people that force others to do things. That could a reference to her views about her parents trying to care for her — which she has repeatedly mentioned she does not appreciate — or it could be completely unrelated. She followed this up with an obscure tangent about Adolf Hitler and asked her followers to "feel her pain". All of this is a little hard to understand, but it doesn't make me worry about Bynes any less. Check out the tweets below.

Images: Amanda Bynes/Twitter (14)